Will smart cities reindustrialize urban areas?

Interessanter Kommentar in „China Daily“:

The software of cities can be modified through new technologies, but what about their hardware? „The Internet has changed our lives, but it has not yet changed our cities,“ remarked Vincent Guallart, chief architect at Barcelona City Hall, during a plenary session of the Smart City World Congress. The session was dedicated to debating the role of urban planners in designing the urban spaces in which we will live and work in the future.

Urban planners have played a fundamental role during critical moments in the history of cities, as demonstrated by Guallart as he summarized the urban development of Barcelona throughout its 2000 years of existence. „But now what? What’s next?“ he asked. According to Guallart, the key is to start by defining a city. „We could dissect a human body, and doctors from around the world would recognize the same anatomy and use the same terminology to solve or examine a particular problem. Yet we can’t do the same with cities,“ he said. That is why Guallart’s team, for the past 10 years, has been developing a model to define the anatomy of cities. Known as City Protocol, it is a veritable „city ID card“ that Barcelona is aiming to promote worldwide.


viaSmart cities will reindustrialize urban areas | Business Focus | chinadaily.com.cn.